HospyCare (A Complete Hospital Information Management System)

Our strengths in the Healthcare arena

  • Exceptional talent pool across domain, technology and management which can be leveraged for any kind of Healthcare project
  • Backed by Healthcare domain expertise and leadership
  • Prevailing culture of pioneering and imbibing emerging technologies
  • Strategic alliances to deliver the maximum value to customers
  • Well proven implementation and project management skills
  • Global presence
  • Professional Strength
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High level employee retention policy

Our Offerings for the Healthcare Industry

  • End-to-end solutions (Hospital Information Systems, which include feasibility studies, business process re-engineering [BPR], re-designing, hardware, networking, software and maintenance)
  • Execution/implementation of turnkey projects in Healthcare
  • System integration (integration of legacy systems, including disparate systems being used in Healthcare organizations)
  • Total consulting in Healthcare and Healthcare organizations (which includes feasibility studies, workflow re-designs, BPR, consulting for hardware procurement, networking, etc)
  • Facility Management

Key Features

Infrastructure Management Configuration

  • System Configuration – (Legal Entity, Operating Unit etc.)
  • User Management (Role wise / User wise - rights wise)
  • Master Configuration
  • Communication Interfaces (SMS / Email etc.)
  • Integration (Lab Equipment, PACS / RIS / LIS System etc.)

Application Administration

  • Creating Specialties
  • Creating Departments
  • Creating Services
  • Creating Payment / Contract Plans
  • Configuration of Interfaces / Equipment Integration facility

OPD Management

  • Registration of New Patient
  • Patient Registration Card Printing
  • Appointment Booking (Doctor-wise) / Group Practicing (Queue)
  • Confirmation / Cancellation / Re-Scheduling of Appointment(Incase doctor wise appointment)
  • Admission / Discharge / Transfer
  • Ward Management
  • Fees (Charges) Collection Flow Management
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Auto Transfer of Patient Data for prescribed Services & vis-à-vis needy stake holders traceability by PIN No(Pathology / X-ray / USG / Pharmacy etc.)
  • Patient Billing & Final Settlement of Patient Visit Record
  • Maintaining Patient Clinical Visiting Records (CVR)

IPD Management

  • Registration of New Patient (Manual / Online / Renewals)
  • Patient Registration Card Printing
  • IPD Booking (By Doctor internally) / By Hospital Desk (Queue)
  • Confirmation/Cancellation/Re-Scheduling IPD Booking
  • Charges Posting Management/Monitoring
  • Emergency / VIP Management
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Auto Transfer of Patient Data for prescribed Hospital Services & vis-à-vis needy stake holders traceability by PIN No (OT/ICU/ICCU/Pathology/X-ray/USG/Pharmacy etc.)
  • Final Patient Billing Settlement of Patient Visit
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Printing (Manual / Online)

Doctor Management

  • Setting/Modification of own Time Table / Workload Monitoring
  • Monitoring Patient Payment Coverage for current visit records
  • Consulting & Creating Patient Visit Medical Records
  • Creating Own Favorite’s for consultation / Integrated ICD 10
  • Capturing / Uploading Patient EMR for future references
  • Creating internal / external Medicine & Services Prescriptions

Nursing Work Bench

  • Smooth Shift Changeover
  • Updating Patient’s necessary/mandatory Triages
  • Monitoring/maintaining records of triages as prescribed by doctors for OPD/IPD Patients
  • Requests/Managing Doctors for emergency with IPD patient
  • Managing & Monitoring Patient Current Visit Payment Coverage
  • Forward/receive/schedule/monitor prescribed & required service requests for patients
  • Forward/Schedule/Monitor & Manage ADT Requests
  • Creating/Uploading Patient EMR for future references
  • Maintaining minimum & maximum level of Medicine Inventory

Service Center

  • Patient Registration (if external patient availing services only)
  • Accepting & Processing Service Requests (with priority settings)
  • Scheduling-Re scheduling Test/Collecting Sample (if any)
  • Processing Sample/Test Request
  • Declare Parameter Based/Template Based Test Results
  • Approval of Technician/Lab assistant declared Test Result by Doctor

HealthCare Contracts/Insurance/Schemes Management

  • Master Configuration for Corporate/Insurance/Hospital Schemes Packages, Standard Rates list declared by Hospitals
  • Seeking Approvals from respective agencies (if required)
  • Submitting Claims
  • Modification of Claims & Re-submission
  • Tracking & Monitoring Claims raised by Hospitals

Pharmacy Management

  • Setting up Re-Order level of Medicine Inventory
  • Managing Pharmacy Stocks by generic vis-à-vis brand name
  • Receipt & Issue Material
  • Alert to issue near expiry medicine on priority
  • Maintaining alerted Stock Receipt & Consumption for items on Consignment Basis
  • Provision for Management of Time Expired/Dead/Rejected material return/right off
  • Alert for allergies before dispensing medicine along with provision to modify
  • Dispensing Medicine under direct Billing/Credit (IPD) Billing

OT Management

  • Schedule / Re-schedule OT
  • OT Time-Table Management
  • Surgery Checklist
  • Surgery Pre-Requisites Monitoring
  • Medicine & Consumables consumption used during Operation
  • Updating surgical finding & procedures

Inventory/Store/Sub Store

  • Configuration of ‘n’ no. of Sub-Stores
  • Maintaining receipt/issues/transfer
  • Indent(Approval/Processing)
  • Comparison of Quotes
  • Placing Various Types of Purchase Order
  • Gate Entry
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Goods Return to Vendor
  • Declaring Accounts Payable
  • All types of issues
  • Closing Stock Valuation (MWA)
  • Keeping records of inventory of store

Finance & Account

  • Creation of Chart of Accounts
  • Inter unit/Intra unit Transactions
  • Normal Vouchers – A/Cs Payable & Receivables, Cash/Bank (Challan Generation), Journal/Contra, Debit & Credit Note
  • Day/Month/Year End Processes for Financial/Inventory Based Transaction
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Standard Accounts Reports with As on date/From-To Date Basis
  • Consolidation/Selected Balance Sheet & Final Accounts

PIS/PAYROLL Functionality

  • Maintaining Complete data of employee (E-Service book)
  • Duty Roaster
  • Leave Management (Leave Request, Leave Approval, Leave Balancing
  • Payroll Processing

MIS Module & Reporting

  • Department-wise / Management User Dashboard
  • Doctor-wise Income & Expenditure
  • Profit-Centre wise Income Expenditure
  • JCI Reporting

Integration & Interfacing

  • Pushing Patient Data through Hospycare to services
  • Accepting Captured Images / Results / Machine Integration Data
  • Data Availability to pre-defined stake holders for review & record purpose