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The solution “PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE” is a milestone in itself. “PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE” Laboratory Information System has been designed on the basis of Total Quality Management trying to put in systematic workflow to enhance the performance in various work areas of the Laboratory. This TQM framework involves quality laboratory processes, quality control, quality assessment, quality improvement and quality goals.

Quality Control (QC)

Quality Control (QC) refers to procedures for monitoring the work processes, detecting Problems and making corrections prior to delivery of reports or services. Statistical process control, or statistical quality control, is the major procedure for monitoring the analytical performance of laboratory methods.

Quality Laboratory Processes

Quality Laboratory Processes that refers to the policies, procedures, personnel standards and physical resources that determine how work gets done in the laboratory. Laboratory method manuals describe the standard operating processes for producing test results.

Quality Assessment (QA)

Quality Assessment (QA) involves the totality of Features and characteristics that bear on the achievement and satisfaction of customer needs.Characteristics such as turnaround time, patient preparation, specimen acquisition, etc., are Monitored through QA activities.

Request Line Audit

“PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE”, allows to audit these links – both top-down and bottom-up – for example when making a follow-up of a complaint as Described in the scenario above. “PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE” permit’s a detailed audit of this kind in both directions.

Sample-line Audit

The result should be produced by an investigation performed on a given sample that has been collected from a certain individual. Implicit in this statement is ““PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE” provides systems for sample labeling and identification that acts together with the sample cycle so as to prevent sample exchange by mistake.

Medical Validation

A technologist responsible for patient results validation is using a “PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE” workstation. In the investigation of an unexpected result value of the measurement of parameter, alerted by a delta-check alarm, the technologist performs the following.

Sample View

Sample view of results the technologist wants to see the results of the other measurements performed in the same sample, as this might give a clue, Logically the technologist then follows the relations from the result, through the investigation up to the sample and from the sample down through all investigations requested for that sample to their results.

Historical View

Historical View As no explanation for the unexpected value was found, technologist then displays all previous results of the same kind. In this case the route is from the results through the investigation and sample up to the patient, and from the patient down through all samples and investigations of the same type to their results. He now may inspect the historical view of that investigation. (The two last results of this view could be the basis for the delta-check alarm.

Cumulative View

Cumulative View Finally, it was necessary to display a complete cumulative view of results for this patient. The traces now combine those of the sample and historical views (see above): When moving down from the patient, a set of sample views is generated.

Audit View

Audit View To make the audit view possible, it is important that there is workflow information available of all Major events along the sample audit trail. All deletions and changes anywhere along this audit trail are traceable in “PROSOFT LIMS ENTERPRISE”.

Analytical Trace Ability

As defined by accredited bodies, is very important for quality management: The result of an investigation should be traceable back to appropriate analytical standards "through an unbroken chain of comparisons".