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Creating LPO and printing the LPO with options like LPO authentication from Accounts/Supervisor.

Creating GRN on receiving items/Drugs and automatic stock updates.

All required reports to track the LPO’s and GRN’s.


Patients from the medical center are directly shown in pharmacy with prescription and diagnosis codes Approval request can be sent from system all insurance companies

Approved drugs can be dispensed and submitted to shafafiya automatically

Manual submissions also are possible in batches

Easy Cash patient Point of Sale

Audit logs to track all the user activities

Daily reports to track the sales, itemwise report, and many other reports.


Automatic Remittance Advice downloads from Shafafiya

Selecting files to be reconciled in system from the available downloads

After reconciliation, different reports are available for the management to track the payments. Reports like Shortage report with Fully rejected, Fully paid, Partially Paid claims, Ageing report to track the outstanding payment with different time periods, Denial analysis reports, etc.


Automatic Remittance Advice downloads from Shafafiya.

Selecting files to be reconciled in system from the available downloads

All the claims with rejections can be resubmitted

System can track different levels of resubmission with reports for the same

Resubmission claims auditing for coders with all required data is available along with attaching reports to the claims

Generating the resubmission batches and automatic uploads are available